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Pre-Session Prep

Below you’ll find several helpful tips & information about the type of session you’ve scheduled.

With all sessions, I recommend professional hair & makeup for the ladies. Having photo finish makeup done & professional styling, can really elevate the look of the shoot- getting pampered isn’t too shabby either! I’m happy to offer some professional referrals should you need one.

If you’re ever unsure as to what outfits look best together, let me help! Lay your families attire out & send me a picture (text or email.) I can help guide you in the right direction. Also, be sure to reference for inspiration.


Maternity sessions can also be a family affair. If you would like to include siblings in a couple shots, you certainly can. However, the main focus during the session will be on Mom.
Typically I ask that you bring two to three outfits. Dad will only need two. Children will only need one.
Mom’s maternity clothing should reflect her every day style as much as possible. Bring one casual outfit & one dressier outfit. Keep in mind that seeing the shape of your body during this period of time is the reason for the shoot. Don’t be afraid of form fitting tops or dresses!


We will be covering a variety of shots during our shoot. Family photos will be done first. Then siblings only (if this applies to your situation,) Mom alone with baby, Dad alone with baby & then baby alone.

I ask that you keep your clothes simple and complimentary to one another. Patterns and color are fine in moderation. I usually say let Mom pick what she feels good in & then choose everyone else’s outfits to compliment hers. You should avoid any large logos or text on your clothing. You are more than welcome to bring changes of clothes or email me samples if you aren’t sure what to wear. The baby should have one outfit for family photos & one blanket to swaddle with.  95% of the baby’s photos will betaken in a diaper or nude. Having a variety of outfits for your newborn is unnecessary so save yourself from the added stress!

Have Dad bring a long sleeved black shirt in addition to what he’d like to wear. He can also choose to do some of his photos alone with the baby skin to skin (shirtless) if he chooses.

For Mom, something solid in color that you feel comfortable in. If you have a bandeau top or strapless top, that would be great too. It’s certainly not a requirement but they can make for nice skin on skin photos. Mom, wear your hair in a way that it can be pulled away from your face when needed. A tie or clip can help hold your hair back would be ideal. Consider what earrings you’d like to wear as they will show.

You are welcome to bring anything that you’d like incorporated into the photos… Like a toy that’s been in your family for generations or a blanket that is meaningful. I will be providing a variety of hats & blankets for the shoot.

I ask that you attempt to keep the baby active & stimulated/ awake for two hours prior to the shoot. Be prepared to feed the baby once you arrive. We will break periodically to feed the baby a smaller amounts as needed during the session. Having a full tummy & a warm room are the perfect combo for sweet dreams. That being said the room will be warm for your shoot. I will also be using a very mild space heater targeted in the area we are shooting. This is a requirement for the success of posing your baby. 

Please be sure to bring extra diapers, wipes & formula (if that applies.) There is almost always a potty accident so please don’t fret- I am Mom & I’ve photographed many newborns, I am completely use to it!


While I know it’s not always possible, please attempt to rest your children as much as possible prior to the shoot.
Simple snack & water pre-shoot is always helpful as the children tend to be happier with full tummies!
Things like favorite stuffed animals, their favorite chair & other personal items not only help your little ones become more comfortable, but they’re great for candids too!
As a former pre-school teacher, I’m GREAT at being patient with little ones. This experience isn’t meant to torture anyone. Even a cranky child can produce some great images so don’t fret. Come photo ready & I will handle the rest : )


Hair cuts should be scheduled 2 weeks prior to the shoot. That way, in the event that your stylist becomes scissor happy, you have a little time for it to grow out.
Bring two to three outfits
Don’t be afraid to showcase your individual style!
Bring along anything that may be of importance to you- it can be as simple as your favorite pair of shoes, something sports related or your artist easel.
Iron your clothes. I know, lame. But severely wrinkled clothing is a great way to ruin your shoot.
Girls, if possible, get your hair/ makeup professionally done & don’t forget to paint your nails too!
Guys don’t forget to shave!


This session is done in your home or in my studio
Go treat yourself to professional hair & makeup!! This is the only session where I require  this.
Body grooming is important. Underarm hair & legs, especially ; )
Relax! I promise you that we will have fun!
Choose 2-3 bra & panty or lingerie type items. If you’re not into lacy or frilly styles, bring your partners button up shirt or a white tank top with some boy shorts.
Consider jewelry, fun shoes & stockings too.